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“Imagine you have done a long, long journey. You have walked a lot and you’re tired, you’re hungry. What could be nicer than going home?”

What could be nicer than going home? You can sit down at the dinner table with your family, have a hot shower, and slip under the bed covers, breathing the scent of home. Going home is one of the best feelings in the world: hugging loved ones, hearing the sounds that you know well, doing your usual things. You may have been away for months, days, or just come home after a day at work: it doesn’t matter.

It is always magical to cross the doorstep, return to our refuge, caressing with our eyes the objects that we care for the most. You can travel for a long time, but it is very difficult to find a place to call home. Because home means much more than bricks and mortar: it is love, stability, security and family.

We at Lago Mobili know this well, in creating furniture for your homes, we put in the same attention and passion as we dedicate to our own families. Quality craftsmanship, the know- how of beautiful and functional furniture and traditional production are, for us, of prime importance.

“Indeed, Made In Italy is not only a brand: it encompasses knowledge, culture and tradition”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

Our company is a family business, anchored to the traditions of the area, but open to the international scene. The Italian production is an essential feature, that gives our furniture a touch of authenticity that distinguishes it.

Indeed, Made in Italy is not only a brand: it encompasses knowledge, culture and tradition that are envied around the world. The produced furniture, therefore, is not simply functional. It is extremely beautiful, real designed masterpieces.

It enters homes, ready to entwine with the owners’ life, to listen to secrets, to bear children’s scratches and to receive the touch of a woman. Our furniture could tell millions of wonderful stories. We decided to gather some of those stories and present them to you. They are not extraordinary stories: they take place in within the walls of a house.

They are authentic, imperfect and true. Every day, every character, every moment and every piece of furniture has been chosen with for specific reasons. Moments of everyday life, precious and full of meaning in their simplicity, that we wanted to capture and highlight.

“They are not extraordinary stories: they take place in within the walls of a house. They are authentic, imperfect, true.”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

So, on Monday morning, in an office in Tokyo, you find a professional who is organizing their week. Tuesday evening you fly to St. Petersburg, at couple’s home, relaxing in the bath, after a long day. Wednesday you are invited for a drink in Sydney, to hear the latest gossip of the chicest ladies in the city.

Thursday evening you are in Abu Dhabi and you spy on a young woman who takes off her makeup, while waiting for her partner. You can hear her thoughts and get into her heart. Friday evening, you dine in Milan, in the beautiful home of a photographer struggling to conquer a wonderful woman.

Saturday morning, in his room in Texas, you will see a man who is getting ready to go and play golf with his child. Sunday, at lunch, you are in Bassano del Grappa: you go for a great lunch, one of those that only grandmother knows how to prepare.

Each piece of furniture is bounded to the person who made it their own. It reflects their taste, their personality. It becomes a part of their life.
Lago Mobili knows how to satisfy different needs, without ever losing sight of the values that are unique to the company. The international focus allows us to expand our horizons, without detriment to the Italian quality and tradition.

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

Culture, passion, attention to detail, personality and manufacturing quality: all elements that Lago Mobili products deliver to those who choose them, whoever they are. The houses are the stars of silent fantastic stories. They are there waiting for you in the evening, in the usual place, a fixed point in a changing world.

Do not let your home be an empty shell, a place to sleep without personality or colour. Fill the house with memories, nice smells and beautiful things. Make them as unique as you are. Make sure that your homes are mirrors of your passions, your joys and your little quirks.

Furnish them tastefully, so that every corner has its own story to tell. Small, funny, sad, extraordinary: it doesn’t matter. What matters is that, it really belongs to you.

Our house is located at number 12 Via San Giuseppe, in Tezze sul Brenta.

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

Lago Mobili is pleased to invite you to the launch of the new Civico 12 collection during “I Saloni WorldWide Moscow” Between 12th to 15th of October 2016.

Crocus Expo, Moscow – Hall 8 – Stand C10