– Sunday in family –

“I drop my eyes and smile, when i hear my son’s car entering the driveway. In the air there is the smell of good things to eat, serenity and joy. Indeed, family.”

If my daughter-in-law knew how much butter I add to the risotto, she would get scared. However, I will never tell her it: this is one of those secrets that grandmothers must keep hidden like treasure. How else would they spoil their grandchildren? Valentina, my son’s wife, is very nice and sweet.

Maybe a little bit obsessed with healthy food: my two grandchildren eat only fruit smoothies and organic yogurt snacks. I have never tried to explain to her that the fruits bought at the supermarket don’t have anything to do with those grown on trees: I am not an intrusive mother-in-law! However, I admit it: when Gioia and Francesco are at my place, they do eat cakes.

“I only give the final touch and then we bake.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Sunday

Not those packaged ones but we make them together. We put the ingredients in a large bowl, I leave them to knead with their hands: eggs, butter, sugar, lemon peel. I only give the final touch and then we bake. They are still kids, and their eyes shine with happiness every time they see the cake, as if by magic, it becomes thicker and softer.

If it is sunny, we eat it in the garden, in the open air, among the grass and flowers. Instead, in winter we nestle in the warmth of the green armchairs in the living room; and if we make crumbs, we don’t worry. Sometimes we spread a chocolate cake: if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that chocolate is healthy. Not too much, of course, and only when it is deserved: like hugs.

Today, however, they are all invited for lunch. My daughter-in-law, my son and their children. It does not happen often, you know how it is: commitments and work. However, as soon as we can, on Sunday, it gives us a couple of hours to be with the family.


Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Sunday

Then, fortunately, they become more than a couple. After lunch, the kids mix the coffee sitting on their grandfather’s knees; they browse magnificent illustrations from old books and then run to the garden to play, while we are sitting at the table. We talk, we tell anecdotes and jokes.

I love that atmosphere of tranquillity and peace that is created only within the walls of a house. It is almost like a perfume that you can deeply breathe, which is not found anywhere else in the world, which makes you to come back home after every trip.

This morning I did not stop even for a moment; I want everything to be perfect before they arrive. The risotto, the roast beef cooked to perfection, the baked potatoes. All cooked slowly, without haste, with love and some cooking secrets that I cannot reveal. The cake, a creamy tiramisu, has been resting in the fridge since last night.

“We talk, we tell anecdotes and jokes.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Sunday

My husband is always making fun of me, but he is really not that different from me. He gets really curious about the menu so he can choose the right wine for it. He will never admit it, but I know that for him it is a great joy to uncork a bottle and drink a good glass in his son’s company.

Our only child, Filippo, has become a man of whom we are immensely proud. We may not tell him very often, but we hope he equally understands. I hope that love is able to embrace and fill our small gestures, like coming up to him without too many words.

Immersed in my thoughts, I place six white plates on the table. They are a recent purchase: I finally managed to convince my husband to buy new ones.

“Immersed in my thoughts, i place six white plates on the table.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Sunday

I was affectionate towards our old table, which we had for many years of marriage: dinners with friends, breakfasts full of kisses, Filippo’s first meals, and his graduation celebration.

I always wanted to make me a gift, to renew the dining room. The new table is made of wood, spacious. Solid, as the affection that unites us. The white edges give it brightness: it is like how my life is since I have much more time for me. I fell in love with it immediately, imagining my family sitting to eat and joke. Perfect for a room that is filled with love, like when I was young and perhaps even more.

My husband comes with a bottle of EstEstEst. He gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me that it would be more appropriate for other types of food, but this wine is very good and it has a peculiar history, which he cannot wait to tell Filippo.

I drop my eyes and smile, when I hear my son’s car entering the driveway. In the air there is the smell of good things to eat, serenity and joy. Indeed, family.

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Sunday


– Authentic and valuable –

“It’s is not just about to build, but also to look for new ways to reach the beauty.”

Besides the design there is more.

Design: an essential element that is the basis of the realization of Lago furniture. This is not only to build but also to look for new ways to reach the beauty.

There is a desire to explore and experiment new solutions, new ways of living the house. Lago products are a fortunate encounter of tradition and innovation, the result of which is never trivial.

Lago products are a fortunate encounter of tradition and innovation, the result of which is never trivial. Therefore, it happens that wood is tired of being alone and decides to meet other materials.

“A mix that gives wonderful fruits.”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Design

The mix is not only pleasant, but it also gives wonderful fruits: newborn wooden furniture with glass, fabric and metal inserts. Particular products, with a unique and refined aesthetics.

Lago Mobili, therefore, does not stop with the fusion of excellent craftsmanship and technology. It is not even enough to own a centennial expertise of its territory. To achieve the desired result, authentic and valuable, it is necessary to combine all this with a unique design.

“Hand skills, territory, design.”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Design

This is the basis of Lago furniture, what makes them unique and inimitable: hand skills, territory, design.


– The gentle awaking –

“I think about martina. The little girl with blond hair tied-up with two red bows. On saturday there was no school and i used to accompany my father to play golf.”

In my parents’ room there was a large wooden cabinet, whe- re he kept his golf clubs. I could not touch them, because I had been taught that they were too valuable, and certainly not a children’s toy. I would just sit in bed, watching my father cho- osing which clubs he wanted in his dark blue bag.

He was a good player, or at least that’s what the golf experts said, and I was proud of him. I liked watching him play and shaking his friends and colleagues hands.

“He was a good player, or at least that’s what the golf experts said, and i was proud of him.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Saturday

However, I liked Martina more. In ten years of life I had never seen such a beautiful girl. She was different from my classmates, who sat all the time in gossip sessions. Martina ran. She ran like a gazelle, muttered the amused men, and they said that she would certainly become a lovely woman.

I was terribly annoyed to hear them talking about her. They saw only a pretty lively little girl, while I had understood all the force that was unleashed by her carefree runs. She even knew how to hold a golf club: my father didn’t even allow me to touch one, but hers yes. Her father was the owner of the golf course, and of many others.

People said that he knew a man who had won a major, the US open, but I didn’t know if it was true. I could ask Martina, if I had the courage.

“And they said that she would certainly become a lovely woman.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Saturday

She has always been braver than me. So she is today. The first time she spoke to me it was, of course, on a Saturday morning. A spring day, those rare ones, where the sun is just warms enough not to make you sweat.

“Do you want to try?” She asked, holding out a golf club. It was a wood, for long distances. Thinking about it, I doubt that this was just a coincidence. Perhaps she sensed that the two of us, together were not made for short shots.

I designed my bedroom in such a way that there was a cabinet that could represent the spirit of my father: tall, strong, dark, and inflexible, like him. Like a rock, a constant presence. I keep my clubs where he used to put them, even if my bag is of bright red. A gift from Martina, my wife. Our room is full of her presence.

“Saturday morning for me is martina, but also penelope. and my father.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Saturday

The breakfast tray sits on the bed, with coffee cups and sweets that she likes. Her elegant shoes left in the middle of the room, because at home she prefers to be barefoot, running around like a gazelle.

It is nearly nine o’clock on Saturday morning, I have to hurry up: today I take my daughter to play golf. Little Penelope looks at me enchanted while I choose the clubs, with her hair, as dark as mine, tied with two red ribbons. I smile at her and I let her touch the iron maces. Saturday morning for me is Martina, but also Penelope. And my father.

“Saturday morning for me is martina, but also penelope. and my father.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Saturday

The Majors

Major Golf Tournaments that are often referred to as just “majors” are the four most prestigious tournaments of the professional golf season. Ordering them chronologically according to the date on which they take place, they are:

_April/ THE MASTERS (the second weekend in April), played at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

_June/ U.S. OPEN (the third weekend in June), organized by the United States Golf Association that takes place in various locations throughout the United States.

_July/ THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (or British Open) (on the weekend of the third Friday in July), organized by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and played on courses linked to the club in various locations around the UK.

_August/ PGA CHAMPIONSHIP (on the fourth weekend after the Open Championship), organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America and played in various locations throughout the United States.

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Saturday


– Art and creativity in the blood –

“How not to love the land we walk on every day, where the stories of our ancestors were born?”

Lago Mobili is an Italian company, and more specifically from Veneto.

How not to love our hills, our rivers, our mountains and our spectacular landscapes? Being Italians is not something that can be explained simply by pointing out your finger on the map.

Everyone knows where the boot is, everybody knows about the magnificence of the beautiful country. But being Italian means something more. It means having in the blood art and creativity that have been handed down through generations. The Made in Italy is not just a phrase to be written on a label.

Made in Italy indicates competence, knowledge, know-how. Lago Mobili is an Italian company, and more specifically from Veneto.

“Always being open to innovation.”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Territory

Veneto is an extraordinary region that has much to teach and to offer. While being open to innovation, Lago Mobili does not want to lose the link with the territoriality and all it can give. In Veneto there are centuries-old skills to learn from: ignore them would be a huge waste.

The most common material is wood, to which are added – in a totally innovative way – glass, fabric, leather and metal. As for the glass, Murano boasts centuries-old traditions from which harvest. Not to mention the long history of the Venetian blacksmiths, who left priceless teachings.

“Know-how, tradition, innovation, technology.”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Territory

The skills related to the Veneto region are manifold and extremely valuable.

Lago Mobili guards them jealously, integrating innovation and creating unique products. Know-how, tradition, innovation, technology; these are essential ingredients to be dosed carefully, to achieve high quality products that distinguishes Lago creations.


– A dinner with friends –

“My friend Giulia is a chef. She works in a restaurant in downtown milan, and guys, when i say that she is the best i am not exaggerating.”

She is absolutely the best, she also got positive reviews in major magazines, for some of her recipes that I don’t know. In short, don’t ask me the details, but in the kitchen she is truly number one. Therefore, I need her help to make Jessica fall in love with me.

Jessica is one of those girls that make your head spin. Tall, with her dark chocolate skin, black smooth hair that goes down to her hips, her eyes look like two bottomless pits, where you can get lost. She is a model – yes, a model.

“She is a model – Yes, a model”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

I saw her in the photographic studio where I work, and I don’t know where I found the courage to invite her for dinner. She inexplicably agreed: you can understand that to impress her I cannot just take downtown, I have to stand out from the crowd.

Cooking something special in my house, seems to me the best solution. The only problem is that I am a photographer, not a chef, and I barely know how to put salt into water to cook spaghetti.

And this is where Giulia comes into play. I implore her to give me a stratospheric recipe, guaranteed to succeed, for some special guests.

No sooner said than done: Catalan lobster. The only problem is that I start to breakout into a cold sweat start only hearing the procedure. First of all the lobsters need to be boiled in salted water. I immediately decided to invite two photographer friends, over for support; in addition, I don’t want to seem like I am trying with her at all costs.

A dinner among colleagues, with a model that could be our subject for future work. Yes, it will work. The other recipe steps seem even worse than the boiling of the lobsters. Cut the onion at julienne. What? Not to mention the vinaigrette. I have no idea what it is.

“No sooner said than done: catalan lobster.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

Fortunately, Giulia prepared most of the necessary things, I just have to cook the lobsters for twenty-five minutes (the time of an aperitif, to break the ice). I don’t remember the steps after that, but Giulia prepared me some post-it notes with the instructions if necessary. Who knows, maybe Jessica cooks well.

My house, however, will look great. It is beautiful, elegant, mainly white. White is my favourite colour. I imagine the dark skin of Jessica leaning on my candid sofas: a beautiful photograph. Click. Jessica lying on my big white table. The tables are not large enough, in my opinion. Click.

At eight my friends arrive, with a bottle of red wine. “This is when we will leave, but only if necessary.” I look at Alex in a questioning manner. “Trust me, colleague” he explains. “The Merlino is a magical wine. It is nineteen percent. Two glasses of this, accompanied by a bit of chocolate, will melt any woman. Obviously. “

“My house, however, will look great.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

I feel infallible. At quarter past eight Jessica arrives, beautifully breathtaking, in a tight red dress with an open back. “So, what are we going to eat?” He asked with a smile. What a beautiful smile she has. Happily I take her into the kitchen to see the live lobsters in the sink, sure to impress her.

Indeed she is impressed, so much that she begins to cry. She runs away, shouting tearfully to me that she is vegan and that I am a terrible person.

The door slams and dead silence falls. I want to collapse. Alex begins to laugh and I laugh as well, unable to stop. We uncorked a bottle of sparkling wine, we followed Julia’s post-it notes and we ate together, laughing and chatting, as it hadn’t happened for a long time. Fortunately friends never go away, in fact, they know how to turn a disaster into a small party.

The next night, Giulia rings on my door. She wants to know how the dinner was, and if my guests liked the lobster. “Not even a small piece was left! It has been a long time since I have spent such a beautiful evening.”

“I am glad” Giulia smiles and enters. “What a beautiful house you have, so bright. I love the large tables.” I reciprocate the smile. “Me, too.” I figure out that this is the right time to open the bottle of Merlino. Looking for the chocolate, I find myself thinking again that the tables are never too big…

“Looking for the chocolate, i find myself thinking again that the tables are never too big…”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

Catalan lobster

The lobsters are boiled in salted water for 25 minutes and then left to cool down in the water. Cut them in half lengthwise. Cut the flesh into small pieces and place it in a salad bowl with the addition of Julienne cut Tropea red onion cut and tomatoes. For additional flavouring you can also add herbs such as thyme and marjoram.

Separately, prepare vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. Season the fish salad and serve it on a beautiful tray, inside the lobster shells that you have thoroughly cleaned before. Bon appetite!

Under the reign of Aragon, in the fourteenth century, in Alghero (which means “full of sea weed”) the territory was occupied by a Spanish colony of Catalans of whom the language is still spoken and some recipes have been handed down through generations, like this way of preparing lobsters.

Ingredients for 4 people: 2 lobsters 500 g, 15 cherry tomatoes, 1 onion lemon juice, oil, salt, herbs (thyme, marjoram …)

1/2 cup of oil,1 lemon, salt, pepper

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday


– Skilled hands, exclusive creations –

“For decades our craftsmen work in symbiosis with the material they know best, the wood.”

The focus on craft has very deep roots. The tradition of Lago Mobili, in fact, is artisan. This implies the sincere love for handmade things, slowly done with dedication and passion.

The craftsman carries with it, the attention to detail and to every aspect. Today, the past craftsmanship meets the most modern technology. Lago Mobili is a company careful to every innovation, ready to embrace changes, and all the improvements that it can bring.

“We combine the past with the present”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Handcraft

This does not mean forgetting traditions; on the contrary. It means rather to build on the secrets and most ancient skills, opening at the same time to the future. The highest artisan traditions combined with the most advanced technologies: this is what incorporates the production of Lago Mobili.

Despite this, the raw material continues to be wood, a tangible sign of a deep and alive attachment to craftsmanship.

“A present to explore”

Lago Mobili Wood Philosophy - Handcraft

Thanks to modern technology, it is also now possible to add high precision finishing techniques, which once would have been simply unthinkable. Past and future are holding hands, giving rise to a present of higher quality.

Something to be explored and from which to be surprised.


– Scent of you –

“I have a particular touch for smells. I do not have to make an effort: they remain engraved in my mind and they don’t leave it easily.”

I can forget a date, a time, a commitment made long a time ago; but a smell, I just cannot forget them. The most important memories of my life are strongly correlated to smells. The one I was used to breath in my house, when I was a child, in the folds of the freshly washed sheets by my mother.

The one of the flowers in the fields, when I was running around losing my breath with my friends, without listening to our parents who were hassling us to come back, as dinner was ready. Of those people that, for better or for worse, I loved.

Here in Abu Dhabi, there are not fields full of flowers; on the other hand, however, I have learned to appreciate other scents that I smell when walking in the street: like oils and spices.

“The most important memories of my life are strongly correlated to smells.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Thursday

In a little over half an hour I will be forty. Enough to make any woman feel old, even more so when one is in my emotional situation. I would like to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow-late morning, but I am not asleep. I turn off the phone, and I decide that it will remain off for a while.

I do not want to receive trivial calls. Francesco has yet to return, he is having dinner with friends. Maybe even with some female friends, obviously younger than me. Yes, I am still jealous, and he teases me about it.

He tells me that he could not even smell the scent of another woman, after putting his lips on mine. Sitting in front of my toilet, I reluctantly decided to take off my makeup. I do not know if I hate being without makeup more or fragrance: without makeup I am too pale. Without scent, I feel like something of me is missing.

I look at my figure reflecting in the mirrors and a woman with long red hair gives me back a sharp blue gaze. My skin is as white as milk, with some freckles.

“Without scent, i feel like something of me is missing.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Thursday

Francesco is a designer and he often tells me that he could not have chosen me, because he only likes beautiful things. Like those who have their delicate balance even in their imperfections. Those you can spend hours watching fascinated, and never be tired. I followed him here, where he works, being called crazy by friends and acquaintances. However, I am used to criticism, I have got it continuously since we got engaged, and it usually washes over me.

It was Francesco to decorate our home, with a style that reflects him: elegant, sober, and unquestionably fascinating. He is thirty-one years old, nine fewer than me. I have known him since he was little: I remember that he used to ride around to my house by bicycle, asking my mother if I was out with an older boy. Yes, of course. Until when, many years later, we met in a bar. “Giulia!”

“Because he only likes beautiful things.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Thursday

“Francesco?” I asked. There was nothing left of the clumsy kid. Smiling at me there was a handsome twenty year old boy. We spent the evening together, as well as most of the subsequent evenings, until today.

Francesco does not use aftershave and I prefer it that way, because the scent of his skin is what I love the most in the world. The one I smell first when returning home in the evening, despite all the spices and incense that spread through the rooms. Two hands slowly caress my sides.

“Already here?”
“I couldn’t bear not being the first to wish you Happy Birthday.”

Francis takes my face, forcing me to look in the mirror. He knows what goes through my head. He always knows it. “To me you have never been more beautiful than you are now, here, with me.” I close my eyes and I lean towards his belly, feeling the rhythm of his breath, letting him caress my hair, while my heart pounds, as fast as that of a young girl in love.

“To me you have never been more beautiful than you are now, here, with me..”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Thursday

The Fragrance

Perfume has been part of human history for nearly seven millennia. Born in the Middle East it is deeply connected to Egyptian civilization, where it was an intermediary between man and the gods. From the contact with the deity to embalming the dead, scent could never be absent. Spices were used which apparently favour the elevation of the soul: turpentine resin, frankincense, galbanum, laudanum, myrrh …

To get an idea of the scent importance to the Egyptians, just think that every morning the priests were used to clean and sprinkle perfume on the divine statues. The art of blending flavours, then, spread through Greece and Rome via the campaigns of Alexander the

The Arab merchants conquered the Asian market; then, at the time of the Crusades, the use of perfume returned to Europe. It is a phenomenon that does not know limits even today, indeed: in a stressed and hectic environment, the scent is a regenerating cuddle that brings relief to the body and the spirit. Even before going to sleep: the two drops of Chanel No. 5 “worn” by Marilyn became legendary.

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Thursday

Lago Mobili is Best International Website of the Day

– Lago Mobili is Best International Website of the Day –

With our pleasure the jury of the prestigious international platform Css Winner chose our new Lago Mobili website as Best International Website of the Day. This is a good start of the week!!

See our award on Css Winner


– Appointment with perfection –

“We sit down, and we begin to chat. I already imagine the gossip: these afternoons relax me in an incredible way.”

I reorganize the ornaments for the umpteenth time. They are perfect, I know, but I want more. I want that every detail is impeccable. I move my precious vases a few millimetres, I take two steps back and sigh. Yes, I am satisfied. I love my friends, but regarding style they are a little crazy. Like me, for that matter.

This Wednesday we have tea at my place; next one we will go to Claire’s home. I remember that once we were hanging out with an extravagant girl, a certain Jane. One day, she welcomed us to her home with orange enamel painted nails. Drooling. It was the first Wednesday we were taking tea at her place, and of course it was also the last one: details are the key.

Our personality, of course, but also in the environment where we live. Each house shouts about those who live there. The furniture in my apartment in Sydney is fantastic. I still remember my friends’ faces when they saw it for the first time: they were amazed. “Wow, Mary! It is really fantastic.”

“Details are the key.”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Stories - Wednesday

Jennifer said it and, I can assure you that she sees any small imperfection. She is a stylist, just like me. But we work for different fashion houses.
Today I am wearing a white lace dress and red heeled shoes. High, but not too high. The only accessory I am wearing is a thin silver bracelet on my left wrist. Simple, basic and elegant. Like a man should be. For this reason, I have not yet found one.

Tea, pastries and cups are already on the table in the centre of the living room. My friends arrive at five, punctual. They are fantastic. Jennifer looks snug in a pair of ripped jeans, with a black top that lets you see her navel. Claire has an unusual dress with blue and white stripes, very short. Anna, instead has opted for a long green skirt, paired with a silk blouse. We sit down, and we begin to chat. I already imagine the gossip: these afternoons relax me in an incredible way.

Jennifer stirs the tea and then places the spoon down. “Girls, I have crazy news. You’ll never guess, and I mean never, who is going to move near to my house.” “Prince Charming?” asks Anna. “No, much better. The motorcycle champion… the famous one.” “Don’t you remember his name? He can’t be famous, then” Claire laughs. Jennifer proudly raises her hand. “I am a stylist, I do not follow such sports. However, I shall seduce him, you can bet on it.”

“Each house shouts about those who live there.”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Stories - Wednesday

“Try coming out in a swim suit to collect your newspaper” I suggest. “She doesn’t need these tricks. She can seduce him even fully dressed” Claire teases her. “There is nothing to laugh at. If I don’t seduce him, it will be one of you, when you come to have a cup of tea at my place. You have to admit that, all together, we definitely cause a scene.“

“But I do not want to hook a motorcycle champion. And then, who is he? The Italian one? Valentino Rossi?” Says Anna. “No no. I can’t remember his name. However, we must add him to our list” said Jennifer. We laugh. Yes, it is true, together we definitely cause a scene.

I look at our reflection in the two round mirrors of my living room: we are beautiful, single and flawless. And even though it does not seem true, I know that in our hearts there is enough room to accommodate someone. We are a bit like our homes: perfect, amazing and very trim. Great, maybe even too much for one person.

“Tea, pastries and cups are already on the table in the center of the living room.”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Stories - Wednesday

The history of tea

Tea fully claims the privilege of being one of the oldest and most consumed beverages on earth, second only to water, which is used as a base for its preparation. Its history dates back 5,000 years ago, although its origins are shrouded in mystery.

According to a Chinese legend, the emperor Chen Nung (Shen Nung), called the “Divine Reaper” for the impetus he gave to agriculture, was so strict regarding the hygiene conditions that he didn’t drink anything but boiled water and he ordered his subjects to follow the same rule.

One day, in the year 2737 BC, while the emperor was sitting in the shade of a wild tea tree, and due to a light breeze some tealeaves dropped into the boiled water giving it an inviting gold colour.

Curiosity prevailed and the great emperor tasted, for the first time, the delicious drink, which, later on, would be called tea. After drinking it, he felt taken by an unspeakable feeling and wanted to learn more about the tree that had produced that wonderful and beneficial leaf, thus allowing its use and cultivation. Here it was that tea was born.
Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Stories - Wednesday


– Wood Philosophy –

“Imagine you have done a long, long journey. You have walked a lot and you’re tired, you’re hungry. What could be nicer than going home?”

What could be nicer than going home? You can sit down at the dinner table with your family, have a hot shower, and slip under the bed covers, breathing the scent of home. Going home is one of the best feelings in the world: hugging loved ones, hearing the sounds that you know well, doing your usual things. You may have been away for months, days, or just come home after a day at work: it doesn’t matter.

It is always magical to cross the doorstep, return to our refuge, caressing with our eyes the objects that we care for the most. You can travel for a long time, but it is very difficult to find a place to call home. Because home means much more than bricks and mortar: it is love, stability, security and family.

We at Lago Mobili know this well, in creating furniture for your homes, we put in the same attention and passion as we dedicate to our own families. Quality craftsmanship, the know- how of beautiful and functional furniture and traditional production are, for us, of prime importance.

“Indeed, Made In Italy is not only a brand: it encompasses knowledge, culture and tradition”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

Our company is a family business, anchored to the traditions of the area, but open to the international scene. The Italian production is an essential feature, that gives our furniture a touch of authenticity that distinguishes it.

Indeed, Made in Italy is not only a brand: it encompasses knowledge, culture and tradition that are envied around the world. The produced furniture, therefore, is not simply functional. It is extremely beautiful, real designed masterpieces.

It enters homes, ready to entwine with the owners’ life, to listen to secrets, to bear children’s scratches and to receive the touch of a woman. Our furniture could tell millions of wonderful stories. We decided to gather some of those stories and present them to you. They are not extraordinary stories: they take place in within the walls of a house.

They are authentic, imperfect and true. Every day, every character, every moment and every piece of furniture has been chosen with for specific reasons. Moments of everyday life, precious and full of meaning in their simplicity, that we wanted to capture and highlight.

“They are not extraordinary stories: they take place in within the walls of a house. They are authentic, imperfect, true.”

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

So, on Monday morning, in an office in Tokyo, you find a professional who is organizing their week. Tuesday evening you fly to St. Petersburg, at couple’s home, relaxing in the bath, after a long day. Wednesday you are invited for a drink in Sydney, to hear the latest gossip of the chicest ladies in the city.

Thursday evening you are in Abu Dhabi and you spy on a young woman who takes off her makeup, while waiting for her partner. You can hear her thoughts and get into her heart. Friday evening, you dine in Milan, in the beautiful home of a photographer struggling to conquer a wonderful woman.

Saturday morning, in his room in Texas, you will see a man who is getting ready to go and play golf with his child. Sunday, at lunch, you are in Bassano del Grappa: you go for a great lunch, one of those that only grandmother knows how to prepare.

Each piece of furniture is bounded to the person who made it their own. It reflects their taste, their personality. It becomes a part of their life.
Lago Mobili knows how to satisfy different needs, without ever losing sight of the values that are unique to the company. The international focus allows us to expand our horizons, without detriment to the Italian quality and tradition.

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand

Culture, passion, attention to detail, personality and manufacturing quality: all elements that Lago Mobili products deliver to those who choose them, whoever they are. The houses are the stars of silent fantastic stories. They are there waiting for you in the evening, in the usual place, a fixed point in a changing world.

Do not let your home be an empty shell, a place to sleep without personality or colour. Fill the house with memories, nice smells and beautiful things. Make them as unique as you are. Make sure that your homes are mirrors of your passions, your joys and your little quirks.

Furnish them tastefully, so that every corner has its own story to tell. Small, funny, sad, extraordinary: it doesn’t matter. What matters is that, it really belongs to you.

Our house is located at number 12 Via San Giuseppe, in Tezze sul Brenta.

Lago Mobili - Civico 12 Collection - Brand