– A dinner with friends –

“My friend Giulia is a chef. She works in a restaurant in downtown milan, and guys, when i say that she is the best i am not exaggerating.”

She is absolutely the best, she also got positive reviews in major magazines, for some of her recipes that I don’t know. In short, don’t ask me the details, but in the kitchen she is truly number one. Therefore, I need her help to make Jessica fall in love with me.

Jessica is one of those girls that make your head spin. Tall, with her dark chocolate skin, black smooth hair that goes down to her hips, her eyes look like two bottomless pits, where you can get lost. She is a model – yes, a model.

“She is a model – Yes, a model”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

I saw her in the photographic studio where I work, and I don’t know where I found the courage to invite her for dinner. She inexplicably agreed: you can understand that to impress her I cannot just take downtown, I have to stand out from the crowd.

Cooking something special in my house, seems to me the best solution. The only problem is that I am a photographer, not a chef, and I barely know how to put salt into water to cook spaghetti.

And this is where Giulia comes into play. I implore her to give me a stratospheric recipe, guaranteed to succeed, for some special guests.

No sooner said than done: Catalan lobster. The only problem is that I start to breakout into a cold sweat start only hearing the procedure. First of all the lobsters need to be boiled in salted water. I immediately decided to invite two photographer friends, over for support; in addition, I don’t want to seem like I am trying with her at all costs.

A dinner among colleagues, with a model that could be our subject for future work. Yes, it will work. The other recipe steps seem even worse than the boiling of the lobsters. Cut the onion at julienne. What? Not to mention the vinaigrette. I have no idea what it is.

“No sooner said than done: catalan lobster.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

Fortunately, Giulia prepared most of the necessary things, I just have to cook the lobsters for twenty-five minutes (the time of an aperitif, to break the ice). I don’t remember the steps after that, but Giulia prepared me some post-it notes with the instructions if necessary. Who knows, maybe Jessica cooks well.

My house, however, will look great. It is beautiful, elegant, mainly white. White is my favourite colour. I imagine the dark skin of Jessica leaning on my candid sofas: a beautiful photograph. Click. Jessica lying on my big white table. The tables are not large enough, in my opinion. Click.

At eight my friends arrive, with a bottle of red wine. “This is when we will leave, but only if necessary.” I look at Alex in a questioning manner. “Trust me, colleague” he explains. “The Merlino is a magical wine. It is nineteen percent. Two glasses of this, accompanied by a bit of chocolate, will melt any woman. Obviously. “

“My house, however, will look great.”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

I feel infallible. At quarter past eight Jessica arrives, beautifully breathtaking, in a tight red dress with an open back. “So, what are we going to eat?” He asked with a smile. What a beautiful smile she has. Happily I take her into the kitchen to see the live lobsters in the sink, sure to impress her.

Indeed she is impressed, so much that she begins to cry. She runs away, shouting tearfully to me that she is vegan and that I am a terrible person.

The door slams and dead silence falls. I want to collapse. Alex begins to laugh and I laugh as well, unable to stop. We uncorked a bottle of sparkling wine, we followed Julia’s post-it notes and we ate together, laughing and chatting, as it hadn’t happened for a long time. Fortunately friends never go away, in fact, they know how to turn a disaster into a small party.

The next night, Giulia rings on my door. She wants to know how the dinner was, and if my guests liked the lobster. “Not even a small piece was left! It has been a long time since I have spent such a beautiful evening.”

“I am glad” Giulia smiles and enters. “What a beautiful house you have, so bright. I love the large tables.” I reciprocate the smile. “Me, too.” I figure out that this is the right time to open the bottle of Merlino. Looking for the chocolate, I find myself thinking again that the tables are never too big…

“Looking for the chocolate, i find myself thinking again that the tables are never too big…”

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday

Catalan lobster

The lobsters are boiled in salted water for 25 minutes and then left to cool down in the water. Cut them in half lengthwise. Cut the flesh into small pieces and place it in a salad bowl with the addition of Julienne cut Tropea red onion cut and tomatoes. For additional flavouring you can also add herbs such as thyme and marjoram.

Separately, prepare vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. Season the fish salad and serve it on a beautiful tray, inside the lobster shells that you have thoroughly cleaned before. Bon appetite!

Under the reign of Aragon, in the fourteenth century, in Alghero (which means “full of sea weed”) the territory was occupied by a Spanish colony of Catalans of whom the language is still spoken and some recipes have been handed down through generations, like this way of preparing lobsters.

Ingredients for 4 people: 2 lobsters 500 g, 15 cherry tomatoes, 1 onion lemon juice, oil, salt, herbs (thyme, marjoram …)

1/2 cup of oil,1 lemon, salt, pepper

Lago Mobili - Collezione Civico 12 - Stories - Friday